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I am trying to accomplish something that I feel should be very easy to do but can't figure out how to do it in Domo. What I am trying to do is add a link,  field or button that has a more reader friendly name such as "View More" or "Drill Down Deeper" but the value / filter value is let's say for example, a date.  


concat('<div><a href="',fieldName,'">View More</a>') OR concat('<div><button value="',fieldName,'">View More</button></div>')  


View More    |   2018-07-19   |   My Data Report   |   $5,391

View More    |   2018-07-18   |   My Data Report   |   $4,912

View More    |   2018-07-17   |   My Data Report   |   $3,453


The "View More" would drill down and add the filter of the date field in the next column (example: if 1st View More is clicked, add " 2018-07-19" as the filter in the drill down.





  • I'm not aware of a way to accomplish this to continue in your drill path on your current card. However, you can setup the View More button to apply as a dynamic filter to a new page in Domo. So you can have either one or multiple cards on the new page that all get filtered by whatever the user clicked on.


    Here's a link to info on Page Analyzer Links:

    Here's a sample of one:

    CONCAT('<a href=''['
    ,'{"column":"ColumnName","dataSourceId":"Enter Datasource ID Here","dataType":"string","operand":"IN","values":["'
    ,'''target="_blank" title="Open in Domo">',`ColumnName`,'</a>'

    This allows you to have a new page open and apply filters based on the "series" being clicked on.


    Hope this helps,

  • ValiantSpur


    Interesting work around.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll see if that flow could work for us.  I do wish the drill path filters were url parameters or the ability to modify drill filters were allowed.  I think it would really improve the way users can drill down on table data. 




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