Charts showing all 1s

For some reason I am seeing all ones in my stacked bar chart. I think it has something to do witht he Grouping but I am not sure. The Creaeted Dates are daily grouped as Months but it looks like it is counting only the dictince booking ids for 1 day or something

I attached what it looks like.

Any help, as always, woudl be awesome

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  • Property_Ninja
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    My only other recommendation in this current card would be to add Start Date and Briefing Center to the sorting section. If that doesn't work I would try selecting a new chart type (grouped bar) and if that doesn't work. I would start from scratch and create a new cards because it could be some sort of bug.


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  • AS
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    Either the Booking IDs are all the same, or Domo is treating them that way.  It sounds like they're all the same.


  • AS
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    What does your beast mode look like? Likewise, what filters do you have in place?

    This looks like one booking per month per center.

  • I attached an image with the details. The Start Date field is daily then grouped by Month through the date filter and the other filters are shown on the image


    Thanks for the help

  • and if I remove the count distinct and just show booking ID I see there is more than 1 booking ID by center in table view

  • AS
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    Try taking off the sort on the date.  Because you've chosen the date and the monthy aggregation, the card should sort by date on its own and that might be complicating the aggregation groups.

  • The results stay the same - all 1s accross the board

  • Hi,


    I honestly think it may be your rolling calculation in the filter causing problems. Try removing that and changing your date range to Last 14 Months by Month. Then create a beast mode to exclude the current month. Something like ...

    (CASE  WHEN ((Year(`start_date`)=Year(current_date())) AND (Month(`start_date`)=Month(current_date()))) THEN 'True' ELSE 'False' END )

    Let me know if this works.


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  • I removed the rolling filter and chaged the criteria to the last 14 months and it still shows 1s. Very strange


  • sorry attached wrong graphic in last post

  • I tried that too and same result.


    Thanks for the help I will try rebuilding them from scratch

  • Could it be this somehow? The Value field is as follows  COUNT(DISTINCT 'Booking ID')  and the results are always 1s. If I remove that and replace it with just the booking Id field and an agregate of Count the numbers show but there are duplicate booking ids listed in the results.


    Any idea why the COUNT(DISTINCT 'Booking ID') woudl always return a 1?

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