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I'm trying to recreate a simple graph that I have in Tableau in order understand the capabilities of Domo.


It's a bar/line graph combo. The line graph is just a plot of the input data but then the bar graph plots the increase from the previous month. In Tableau this can be created in 5 seconds with a quick table calculation but I'm struggling with Domo - can anyone give any pointers?


domo graph.png



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    You can achieve this by using a "Period over period" chart type. Choose "Variance line bar." Input your time period in the x axis and then your value in the y axis. Go to your date range and choose last x number of months graphed by months. Then input a 1 into the "Compare to x month" box in the date range to compare one month back (see image below). This chart defaults to a percent variance and also shows the previous months total numbers but you can change this by going to the Chart Properties --> General, then checking off "Show Only Last Period" and "Show Variance As Value." After that it should look like the second image below. 


    Let me know if this works.


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