Domo is ready, but an error occurred during the import: State value can only be 4096 characters.

Facebook Ads Advanced connector fails during import - any one have any idea what could be causing this error?

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  • I did get a Product Update email from Domo this week talking about changes to the Facebook connector.Β  I was not able to find the article in the knowledge base, but it did say to contact Domo Support with any questions about these changes.Β 



    I think the changes took effect on Monday.Β  When did you first notice this issue with the connector?Β Β 

  • DaniBoy





    Can you share with us what was done so we can share the solution in the Community?


  • I'd love to know what they did to resolve it but the only information I was given was "A fix has been deployed". Prior to this fix, Domo suggested I change the number of days for which I was requesting data from 700 to 90 or less but I never tried that work around. The fix came about 3 days later.