Our main POS system allows salespoints to be assigned to salespoint groups. Salespoint groups are a commonly used filter in our reporting outside of Domo.  One salespoint can belong to many salespoint groups (some belong to 8 or more).  Outside of Domo I would setup a salespoint group parameter, retrieve the list of salespoints that belong to the selected group and pass that list to the query as a parameter.


The only way I can imagine this working in Domo would be to create a row for each transaction for each salepoint group the salespoint is a member of.  A salespoint belonging to 10 salespoint groups would create 10 rows for every line item sold.  Each row can be split into 6 revenue categories which would bring my single row transaction to a total of 60 rows.


1,000+ salepoints, 127 salespoint groups, and millions of transaction rows each split up to an additional 6 rows...........


I am hoping that somebody can offer a suggestion that would not require the creation of all these rows to allow filtering.


Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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    What I've seen done in cases like this set up a series of columns for each transaction row that assign that transaction to attributes like 'Is Salesgroup 1' or 'Is Salesgroup 2'.  Then on the card you can filter to transactions that pertain to the business question.

    That said, 127 groups and 6 revenue categories is a lot of extra columns.

    Depending on your use, you could possibly add a single column with all the salesgroups comma delimited and the same for the revenue categories.  That's only two extra columns.


  • Thanks for the ideas Aaron.  Unfortunately the salespoint groups are dynamic and I did not believe that 120+ additional columns for filtering would be a good user experience.


    I could easily put all of the salespoint groups comma separated in a new column but I am not sure how that would help me filter.  Could you please elaborate how best to utilize this new column for filtering?



  • Unfortunately Domo doesn't really yet allow a fuzzy match in a filter.  It's has to be a perfect match to the entire string.

    What you could do is use that comma separated list, and using a quick filter on the card's group field, search for your criteria, like the group number, and mark each checkbox that has an entry for that group.


    Searching for group 5 in the quick filter search, mark checkboxes for GroupList fields;





    But not




    Again, you're matching a string, so you want to find 5s but not everything with a 5 digit somewhere.  And there are probably mucho categories that contain some 5 digit in a number. So you'd have to be careful here, too.



  • Thank you Aaron.  It is not pretty but it does add the additional filtering options we require.  If Domo gave us the ability to 'Select All' on searched filters it would make it a little better.  Thanks again for the different perspective to solve the problem.



  • Totally.  It needs a "Select All" option when using the search. @DaniBoy, what PM runs the quickfilter product feature?  Is this feedback you can tag them in?

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    Let me track this down and circle back with the conversation here.