Creating a USA County Map with a Longitude and Latitude overlay



I work for an automotive brand and I am wanting to plot our dealerships in the USA over the top of a USA Sales by County Heat Map.


The two map types exist within DOMO, USA Counties and Longitude and Latitude Map. I need to combine the two, I know it needs to be done through an .svg file but unsure on how to get it done having no illustrator experience. 



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    I am not entirely sure what you mean by combining the maps but designing a custom Domo app in Adobe Illustrator is very simple. I started with no illustrator experience and have created multiple apps using the Domo plugin. Below is a link to the tutorials where Domo walks you through the process.



    Alternatively, without creating an app, you could create a heat map by county and then have the drill path card be a heat map by lat/long. 


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