How to dynamically adjust the maximum value in the Radial guage?

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I am creating a card which shows Sales Goal Vs Actuals YTD across different regions. The sales goal is different for the three regions. My client wants this information to be shown in Radial guage with a quick filter for different regions. My question is how to make the Goal Value adjust dynamically in the chart basis the region selected in the quick filter. For example, if North region is selected the Goal should be 100, however, if the East region is selected the Goal Value should change to 80 in the Radial guage.

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    I don't think you'll be able to get what you are looking for in a radial guage, unless you are willing to create a beastmode to show percent to goal (this will dynamically change for each region and you can keep your max value set at 100%).


    If you want to show sales vs goal with actuals, the closest you will be able to get to a radial chart is the "filled" chart type. See attached image. This will allow you to dynamically set a goal based on the selection in the quick filter.


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