Is it possible to plot both counts and specific points on a map card?

I'm wondering if it is possible to plot both ranges and points on a map card. 


For example, I would like the colors/shading to represent the number of clients in each country, but I would then like to plot specific points where the company's offices are located. Is this something that can be done with the map cards in domo? 


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    I don't believe you can plot both ranges and points to the same map card. The closest you can come to doing this in one view is using the World Lat/Long card type. This card will plot all points in each country but will change the plot circle size depending on how many customers are in each country. This card allows the user to zoom in to the country to see the specific plot of each business.


    The other way you could do it is to create a world card by count of businesses in each country (this will provide color scale based on size) and then create a drill in card, which shows the plot of each business in the specific country using the lat/long card. This way the user can click on a specific country then see the plot of each business.


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