Is it possible to have an ongoing card date range that reflects YTD, minus the current month?

I am looking for a way to show our monthly totals (Income, Expense, NOI, etc.) Year to Date, minus the current month.  It takes our company a couple weeks to formally "close out" the previous month.  So current months' #s aren't relevent until then.  I'd prefer to just not show the current month, as that data skews the analysis without further filtering.  I'm trying to make it easier for Managers to see relevant totals without needing to drill.


  • Hi,


    You can create a beastmode to bring into your filters to eliminate the current month from showing. Something like the below.

    case when `your_date` = DATE(DATE_FORMAT(CURRENT_DATE,'%Y-%m-01')) then 'TRUE' else 'FALSE' end

    Then you can just filter for "False" and it will show YTD minus the current month






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  • This is the solution Customer Support provided.  Very similar to your suggestion.  Thank you!  These do the trick.


    THEN 'Current_Month'
    ELSE 'Previous_Months'

  • Yes, that will also work for your question. Just be weary that if you are looking at the last 13 months and trying to remove the current month, you wouldn't want to just use a month match as that would be get rid of your August data in both 2018 and 2017.



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