How can I extract values from one column and create 2 separate columns?

Hi I have a column in my dataset with values that looks like  "711-500001-3068-22-STL-000000-00000000000". I wanted to take that value and create two columns. First column will have the value of "3068" and second column with "22". What's the best wat to accomplish this?

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  • Valiant
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    This is going to depend on the how that column is being populated to begin with. Does your column always get populated with 3 digits - 6 digits - 4 digits etc?  Or are you always looking for the number after the 2nd dash? 


    If it's based on digits you could use a SUBSTRING function:


    If it's based on the # of -'s then you can could use a SUBSTRING_INDEX function:


    With substring you tell it where to start (your index) and how long of a string you want. Substring_Index will return the left or right portion of the string based on the characters you give it and the instance number you're looking for. You can combine 2 Substring Index functions to give you the mid portion of a string.


    Hope that helps. And if you need further assistance, let me know more about the parameters for what you're wanting to include.




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  • Sridhar
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    Thank you Valiant!! That helps.