Single Value Card Limited to 25,000?

I have a single value card that shows the total tickets we have in our IT Help desk tool which is basically just a count of all the ID's for each ticket, and each row is unique to one specific ticket so the total rows is the same as a count of all of the ID's.


I noticed that the card now has a caution symbol on it and says not all data is shown and is stuck at a nice round number of 25,000. The card has no drilldowns so I'm a little surprised that it's being limited (I understand why you would limit a table card of 25,0000 results)


Domo Jira Count.JPG

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    Hi @guitarhero23, it looks like there is a bug in Domo.  I found a way around it where it will abbreviate the value if that is ok.  


    You need to create a beast mode that counts the records... COUNT(field).  Use that in both the label name and value name.  You could also use a COUNT(DISTINCT field) if needed.


    That will give you an abbreviated number.  I tested it with a 34M row dataset, so I know it will at least work up to that number.  Start opening more tickets ?


  • Odd, when I used it in both the name and value field it showed "1", but when I removed it from the name field and left that blank it displayed the correct number (though it refuses to show a comma even though I told it to). Thanks.

  • How did you get the card to show you the full 25,000.  Normally the cards just show 25k

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