JSONObject error with JSON Connectors

I am wanting to pull data from the Cisco Meraki API (http://postman.meraki.com/ and http://meraki.io/ for more details) and the long and short of it is that most of their JSON comes back wrapped in square brackets []. (Anything that is a List of something).


With all the JSON connectors in DOMO I get an error --  A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at 1 [character 2 line 1]


Well, that's not really true and there isn't anything I do to get rid of the [ and the white space. Of course the Meraki JSON that is returned passes all the JSON validity checkers.

Does anyone know of a work around or can I get the attention of one of the wonderful DOMO developers to make a tweak the JSON parsing to allow [JSON] please?


  • Hi Sean,


    One workaround would be to handle the JSON response in R and upload the resulting dataframe to Domo using the DomoR package.


    Hope this helps,




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  • Oof. I think I'd rather just use python to parse the data and spit out a CSV.


    I already used Python to remove the brackets that the connector doesn't like but now it puked on the next bit.



  • Support helped me work through this!


    1) The error message is just not a good error message. What it is really saying is "We can't get your file".

    2) As of right now the Connector inline help says you can use an HTTP connection. This is not the case. HTTPS is supported. That's why it couldn't get my file.

    3) It turns out I didn't need a line reader with this data.


    So yes, an array with JSON is ok! [] all day long.

    Shout out to Justin for the help.