Date is changing from M/D/Y to the number week in the year.

I have a grouped and stacked card that is showing revenue for the last 3 weeks.  I have the date filter set up to show last 3 weeks filtered by week.  However, the data format is showing the number of weeks in the year instead of the week start date that is in the actual data.  My column 'Week Start Date' has Sunday dates on it and I'd like the bar to show that instead of Week 38.



Week Start Date - 9/2/18 and 9/9/18

Showing:  Week 36 and Week 37


Thanks for the help.

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  • Property_Ninja
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    If there is no data and dates are showing you should change CHART PROPERTIES --> CATEGORY SCALE (X) --> NEVER USE TIME SCALE to 'True'


    This should remove dates without values




  • Hi Jeremy,


    You should just be able to change the "Graph by" to "None" and it should show your actual dates.






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  • I did try that as well thinking that may solve my issue but then I see all the dates.  I'd like it to just show the two dates with the amount of revenue for the week and not the whole month.  

  • So your date range says last 3 weeks and it's graphed by none but you are seeing more than three weeks?


    Can you send a screenshot of your example?

  • This worked.  I misread that and applied false but true cleared it up.  Thanks for the help.

  • In order to get week over week you have to graph by week.  The only problem it shows the week numbers like it was stated.  If I select graph by none, then no data appears - I also enabled the setting to True.

    Any idea why it's not working.... thinking it's not possible with week.

    See screenshot below

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