Average is returning SUM instead of an Average

I'm setting up a single value card and I have a column that is full of numeric values.


When I set up the column as the Value of the chart and set the Calculation to "Average" the single value presented is a sum of the values, not an average (if I change to "Sum" i get the exact same value).


Is there some trick to using average in a chart? Why is it not working?

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    I was just able to set up a column using average. I noticed the numbers looked a little off at first compared to the raw file so I removed the field in "Label Name"


    This solved the issue and now I am matching exactly what the raw file shows for an average.


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  • I tried to replicate your issue just now and was not able to. Could you tell me more about the structure of your data set, especially the data type of the field you're trying to average? Also, is that field in the raw dataset? Or do you calculate it using Beast Mode?


  • The accepted Solution was absolutely correct. For some reason when you add a "Label Name" field (which I can't even tell does anything??) it messes up the averages and turns them into the same values you get for sums. Removing the "Label Name" field and leaving it blank returned the correct average. Thanks!

  • But now, when you remove the "Label Name" the single number value will not adhere to the formatting you define for it, it just give you the raw number with no commas and as many trailing digits as it calculates. :(

  • You can create a dummy label name with BeastMode. I just created a beast mode with the syntax of current_date(). Then I put that new field in the label name and it will allow you to change the format.


    The Label Name basically acts as a group by. So if you have a value that is constant on every row of your data then you can use that as the Label Name.




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