Ignore filter on a calculated field

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to create a BeastMode that ignores date filtering...


I have a dataset that contains the following information


ID#   CUSTOMERNAME   STATE    FullDate    Logins    Errors    %


The card I'm building should only display the data from yesterday BUT, I want to add a field that calculates how many times the customer shows up on the list based on the % being over 10 for all time. Below is what I have to calculate the field which works to put a 1 on the current day but does not take into account the rest of the days. 


sum(CASE WHEN `%` >= 10 THEN 1 END)


Any Assistance would be appreciated.


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  • user09188
    Accepted Answer

    I was actually able to accomplish this by using an ETL Grouping process. Appreciate the help. 


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