Setting Date Range for Dataset Update

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I have an input dataset which are set to refresh every day using the replace method, and then runs through a recursive dataflow which drives an output dataset that has the most recent data.

I remembered in the past (12 months ago), in the DateFrom and DateTo fields for the data connector settings, instead of adding the actual date format into these fields, I was able to just enter say "-20" in the DateFrom field and it would automatically set to update the dataset with the last 20 days of data. 


I only just realised now that this is no longer possible? When I enter a value other than a date format value in either the Datefrom and Dateto field, it will default to only bring back data from yesterday. Is there any way to get the same setup feature again?


The reason why I needed to constantly bring back last few days is because our input dataset values for certain fields changes over time, so I want to get the freshest set of data of the last 20 days every day to run it through recursive dataflow.


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    Yes, that's the way I understand it.

    These companies who offer cloud connectors have written webservices that receive parameters like dates, profile names, filters, etc, and Domo builds a front-end around that to submit those parameters to the company's API.  The API will return a result dataset back to Domo.

    So Domo just builds their connector interface around what the APIs expect to receive.  And since every company writes their own, each API is totally different.

    That said, Delacon's website did mention that they can integrate with Google Analytics.  You might look into that.


  • We'd have to look at the connector documentation.  Which connector are you using?

  • Hi, it’s for the Delacon connector

  • Thanks.  Unfortunately there isn't much public documentation in Domo about that connector.

    I didn't find anything on their website either, other than their ability to integrate with other platforms or to build to suit.

    You might inquire with Delacon themselves.  They will have developed the endpoints that Domo is using in the connector.

  • Thanks Aaron, so it’s connector dependent in the way which it is built? I have tried this date range settings on other connectors say Google Analytics Advance and it let me just enter a numerical number instead of a date format which represent the number of days count. I.e -20 in Datefrom will set the data date range from 20 days ago.