Date Range - Show 'Current Day' in one column and 'All Time' in the next column in one card

Is there a way that I could have two different date range filters by column on the same card?


In the attached screen shot I would like to show 'Trucks Running' and 'Assignments' filtered daily


'Registered Trucks' filtered by ALL TIME


and have them both shown on the same card. 



Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.03.33 PM.png



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    You can do this with a beast mode that uses some date conditions to make the calculation how you want it.  And set the card to all time, not yesterday, since that filter will supercede everything else.


    Trucks Running

    aggregation(CASE WHEN `DATE` = current_date() THEN... END), using SUM or COUNT or whatever aggregation you currently have.


    Similar, with the assignment column, using whichever aggregation

    Registered Trucks

    If your card is filtered to all time, then you likely don't need this type of conditional logic and could probably use your existing beast mode.


    Hope that helps!


  • I tried to run that calculation but not getting the values that I want. Am I doing something wrong??



    Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 1.26.05 PM.png

  • I'm not sure how your data is set up, but you're comparing the ID of the individual truck to the date.  That doesn't really compute.  Counting unique 'true' values will give you either a 0 or a 1, which probably isn't correct either.


    Maybe you need something more like

    COUNT(DISTINCT(CASE WHEN [shipment date column] = CURRENT_DATE() THEN `truck_ID` END)


    This would give you a count of all trucks that had shipments today.

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