Warning: Live updates cannot occur because this is not the only instance of Workbench running

Anyone ever get that message?  I am having issues with the jobs running nightly after setting them up and wondered if this error was part of the root cause.




  • I usually get this error message if someone else is logged in to my server.  It's never stopped existing jobs from running, but I haven't tried saving anything while I have this error.  You might consider speaking with the Workbench experts at Domo.

  • It is indeed occurring because there is more than one user logged in at one time, and I've always been under the impression that the updates it's referring to is the workbench software update that you can set to install automatically.


    We have our production workbench set up on a central server like many others, and wanted to mention a word of caution related to that error.


    We learned the hard way that if there are mutliple people logged into multiple workbench instances and they have different versions of the same job running, they will both send updates to the same dataset causing unexpected issues down the road. With that in mind, we locked down who can access the production workbench (admins only in our case) and setup a change process in place to handle workbench job updates and deployments.

  • That's a good call-out.

    We also only allow admins access to workbench (3 or 4 of us), and usually have separation of duties over different jobs, so we don't often have those collissions. If we potentially do, we'll contact the other admins to make sure nobody else is making changes.  We, too, have overwritten recent changes on accident.

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