How can I connect a csv file that is 1GB in size?

Hi All,


Can anyone let me know how to connect a file with 1 GB size as I am facing an error:


"Cant connect file with more than 256 MB size"


I  tried  CSV connector and simple file upload but same error.





  • If you haven't yet, you could try using Domo's Workbench application.  I'm unaware of any size limitations.  Every day we use Workbench to upload a CSV that's over 300MB.

  • In workbench we used to create jobs if i am not wrong .

    My requirement is to connect with CSV file with 1GB or more size .

    Is this possible?




  • As far as I know, yes. I've never seen Workbench care about the size of a file. As I mentioned before, one of our large CSVs is placed in an SFTP folder and is uploaded every day by Workbench:


    workbench large csv.PNG

  • Hi,

    My requirement is not to work with workbench.




  • That seems like a strange requirement.  I'd push back on that if you can.  If that doesn't work, my next suggestion is to break up the file, load the pieces individually to Domo, and then union them back together with a dataflow or data fusion.

  • The requirement to not use Workbench is sometimes a requirement of the user's company.  I know that our IT department requires us to not use Workbench.  Don't ask about the logic.  It's mostly to hamper our success using Domo and increase our dependence on IT.