Failed While Executing

I recently attempted to push some additonal transforms to an existing mysql dataflow to incorporate some brand-new data points. When I went to run the dataflow, I received the error message below: 
Failed while executing

The database reported a syntax error. Out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size
Has anyone else run into this issue? Solutions would be MOST appreciated.
P.s. I have already submitted a ticket to Domo Support addressing the issue. 


  • I'm guessing you succesfully ran the transforms while in edit mode, and then this error came up?
    Does the same error appear with subsequent attempts to manually run the dataflow?

    This message seems like an AWS system problem more than anything, not a configuration or syntax issue on your part.

  • Yup! The failure has persisted on both the regularly scheduled, automatic updates, as well as the manual pushes I have attempted. 

  • Hm.  I mean, if the transforms run in the edit mode but not in full runs, based on the message, maybe there's a data size issue. Are you running the proper indexes, too?  

    I hope Support has something to share. Let us know!