Can we migrate the architecture of other BI tools like MSTR to DOMO?

Can we migrate the architecture of other BI tools like MSTR to DOMO?  Like Attributes , facts ,metrics , filters etc can it be recreated in Domo and how , as I am new to DOMO and want to start using it for building dashboards. 

Will there be any challenges that Domo will not support?

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    With free Domo you probably don't have access to Workbench and would need to use Domo's cloud connectors instead.  That may affect what options are available to you.

    1. I'm not sure how Domo stores the configurations about cards and pages, but they aren't reusable through any interface available to users.

    2. Free Domo is restricted.  See

    3. I haven't seen an option for this, but a rep could track that down for you.

    4. Domo uses several layers of security. In paid Domo, users can be added to groups and both users and groups are either shared content explicitly as well as  having the possibility of content being filtered through a couple mechanisms.  For example, a group or reps might be granted access to a salesrep page. The page might be constructed with several cards, all of which could be filtered using a personalized data permission policy where individual reps only see data where they are listed as the rep in the records. So they'll only see their own data on only that page, whereas an executive might have access to all pages and all data, but managers are somewhere in between.


  • You should be able to mimic much or most of the architecture you have in other solutions, although:

    • Domo is fast enough that it doesn't really need to do OLAP style data warehouses, if that's what you have in Microstrategy
    • Domo should be able to upload most of the data you may have aggregated already
    • There are no tools to do this migration of configurations or visualizations, aside from Workbench, which will just move existing data tables and their schemas into the Domo cloud.

    Does that answer your question?  It's not really a plug and play solution where you're just swapping out the visualization layer, but if you have procedures and tables built for your warehouse, you may be able to utilize that.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply, it makes sense but I do have few more questions on the same path.

    1. How Domo stores data about cards and pages , like filters ,dimensions, facts, metrics etc which can be reused in another cards/pages?
    2. I am using trial version of Domo so what all features are not available to me?
    3. Does domo have any metadata that can be reused or backed up in case of some crash or shut down?
    4. How is the security defined in DOMO for users/groups?
  • thanks a lot for your quick reply and support.