Dataset connecting in Domo from workbench but dataset has not been triggered to update



I had made a connection from Workbench on 19th Dec and did not put any job schedule. It was set to Manually. However, when I checked the dataset in domo this month, it showed that it is connecting and it has been connecting for days now. Could you please help me understand why is it showing connecting when the job schedule is set to 'Manually' and we havn't triggered it on 3rd Jan. Below is the snapshot:

esp workbench connection.png
















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  • What do you see if you log in to workbench and look at the logs for that job, especially from the 3rd?

  • Hi Aaron,


    When I logged in to Workbench the log showed that last run was on 19th dec and nothing else.



  • Whenever I have one of those "connecting..." statuses, invariably the log shows the job is still running.  There are a string of identical log entries for the entire time, as though the job is hung up somewhere.  When that's the case, I close both Workbench as well as the service, then I restart the service, restart Workbench, and manually run the job.

    You might try the same.  If not, maybe Support has a better answer.

  • I have seen that happening with my other job schedules and I also restart the service and workbench and manually run the jobs. But this was the strange case as I did not see the job schedule failing or why should it even fail or connect when the schedule is set to manual and I haven't tried to upload it on 3rd.


    Thank, Aaron!

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