Bug in Sumocard: date grain sorting... Sorting on date grain not working anymore..Can someone help?

Bug in Sumo card: date grain sorting... Sorting on date grain not working anymore..Can someone help? its urgent


Thanks in advance

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    Here's the workaround we came up with for quarterly grain to come through in order:


    In ETL -

    Use datepart function to isolate year and quarter. 

    Combine year and quarter columns with Q as the character separating the values.  


    Because this results in a text output, it will sort properly by default.  


    Of course - we will all be thrilled when the official fix is deployed, but this can help anyone in an immediate bind.  



  • Hello user09879,

    If you believe that you are experiencing a bug within Domo, I would advise that you get in touch with your Domo account team for support. Make sure to include the link to your card, and also any errors you are seeing.





  • This is communicated to domo technical team as didnt receive any quick response here.. thanks for your reply.

  • Your post doesn't really give enough information to hazard a solution.  If you don't quickly get a solution from support, perhaps you can post some screenshots or more information about the issue you are facing.  


    One thing that comes up a LOT is date format.  So - First thing is to make sure the date field is in date format.  If it was working before and suddenly isn't, it could be a format change from an iterative update or something. 

  • I am having the same problem. I can sort dates, text, numbers, etc. But if I use a date grain I am unable to sort.


    Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.37.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.37.18 PM.png

  • Is the field you're trying to sort in Date format or Text format?

  • I'm having the same problem. I added a date grain to view by quarter but the quarters aren't in order. I'm sorting the rows by Total Commissionable Sale. I just want the date columns to be in order.


  • Sort by Date then Sales.  If that doesn't work, do the opposite. 

  • I've tried both. Didn't work. Any other ideas? 

  • I can webex with you this afternoon and explore it with you, if you'd like.  What time zone are you in?

  • This is communicated to domo technical team as didnt receive any quick response here and they dont have any solution yet. thanks for your reply.

  • @user09879 - I understand that you reported it, and that they haven't found resolution for you.  Others are having similar challenges.  Support not having a resolution does not mean that I will not be able to find one.  Would you prefer that the other users launch a new question so that you don't receive the alerts?  I'd like to solve this.  Thanks!


    @DaniBoy - What is your suggestion?  Should we split this out to a new question, or should I proceed with working on resolution?

  •  Kindly keep it open. And I am sure the solution would be there and DOMO will do it but at times patience is too much challenged ? .


    Nevertheless kindly keep this story open. I dont mind receiving alerts.


  • That would be awesome DataMaven! I'm actually leaving on springbreak this morning. I'll reply again when I'm back in town and see if you can help me. I'm in the Mountain Time zone. 

  • DaniBoy




    Thanks for your patience here. This seems to be a known bug based on the earlier response from the support team in the thread. I will try and get an update on where Domo is in addressing this.


    In the future it is recommended that you provide as much detail as possible when posting questions so others can be better equipped to assist.



  • Dani is my boy. Thumbs up  ?

  • Thanks @DaniBoy - In the meantime, I will see if I can help folks with a workaround.  Jugaad is my specialty!  ?

  • @DataMaven  I still haven't found a solution. I'd love some additional help if you can fit me into your schedule. 

  • I thing I had to do was create a new field which took the date field and set the day to the first of the month. That way, all rows occuring in the month of october 2018 show up as 10/1/2018. That way I do not need to use the date grain and I can sort. 


    It stinks, but they are working on the bug.

  • DaniBoy



    Thanks everyone.


    We are about a month away from getting this fixed released to all. I will bump it up again to increase visibility but know that there is a lot of code from Domopalooza in our release in the coming weeks.


    Appreciate everyone's patience here!


  • @James_Thoma - That's one of the things I do, too!  ?  

    @DaniBoy - Glad it's on the horizon!!!  (Patience?  I don't have patience...I have workarounds!)

  • Thanks again @DataMaven! You were so helpful!

  • DaniBoy



    Thank you @DataMaven  you are a rockstar!

  • Hello,


    This was suggested in the past as well. however I am looking for that thrilling moment when the then working feature in sumo card is back. I dont want to keep creating calculated fields for such basic feature. I have waited for long I will wait for some more. Thats okay. I am very content that you guys are on it.


    Best Regards

  • @user09879 - The underlying issue and upcoming fix has been discussed and established. Excited for the fix, too!  


    There are still folks who need to make it work today, through a workaround, and need help.  That is what the community is here for.  Whenever there is a hurdle, even if Domo is working to smooth it, the user community comes together to help each other meet their immediate needs.  We just can't help ourselves!  ?


    Have a great day!