Is it possible for the Quick Filters from the opening page of a card to apply to the drill downs?


I built several cards with Quick Filters.  I'm fairly certain that when I first started using QF's, the selections from the opening page of the card were also applied to the drill downs.  Now that's not happening.  Is there a way to have the QF's from the opening page remain in effect within the drill downs?  Thanks!


  • In my opinion every filter you apply, whether permanent on the card, quick filter, or otherwise, should be applied to all drill downs.  If this isn't the case I'd think it was a bug.

    For me in Google Chrome, the quick filters do apply to drills.

  • I'm using Chrome as well.  The Quick Filters were working then stopped.  I wondered if there was some setting that needed to be adjusted/updated.  Guess not, at this point I'm officially puzzled.



  • Strange.

    When in doubt, reboot and try again?

    Otherwise, file a bug with [email protected]

  • Are you combining "Page Filters" and "Quick Filters"?


    These two filters don't always play nicely with each other. If you are using a combination of page and quick filters, make sure that you don't list the same field in both places.  (i.e. don't have `Year` be a page filter and a quick filter)

    Otherwise, I agree that this is probably some kind of a bug.  The drill down views of a card should maintain all filters from the "parent" view.


    Are you a part of any betas that might be impacting filters as well?  Dashboards or interactive filters?

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