Working With Excel Files Where Sheets Change Names

I receive a sheet from a client via SFTP every week where the name of the sheet changes with every new workbook. This means in order for Domo to ingest the file, it is my understanding that the settings of the SFTP Excel connector would need to be updated weekly. Is there a way to apply regex or some other method to work with sheets whose name changes?


  • Just to be clear, does it have multiple sheets?


    The sheet name is optional so if it is the only sheet, or first sheet, then you can just leave that field blank.

  • This does have multiople sheets.

    The solve here is likely not going to be with Domo, but rather to have the client change how they name sheets, or manipulate the sheet names in some pre processing step.

  • Ok, I think you are right. There will have to be something done to the file to load it. You might consider Domo Workbench which can integrate with an external script (vb script for example). Workbench can run the script, which would download from the SFTP site and extract the sheet you want, and then upload the results into Domo. Either way, good luck!