Where can I get the invoice/receipt for my licenses

For our accounting I need an invoice for the paid licenses. In Domo under .../admin/licenses -> Online Payments it is only listed that the payment has been made.
However, I would need a complete invoice with company name and address.

Am I missing something?


Thanks in advanced


  • Do you have a Domo Success Manager?Β  That is the person I would reach out to

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  • Don't have a Success Manager yet.

  • Thanks for your answer ST_Superman.


    I already contacted Sales and got the response: "I am not a technical person. Please reach out to our support".


    So reached out to the support and got an auto response mail with a support ticket (over one week ago).Β 

    Reached out to the support again using the support ticket, but did not get any response.Β 

    So tried to get some answers here, but looks like a circular dependency that get blocked in Sales/Support here.


    Not really happy about that since it took me a lot of time to just get a correct invoice (which is a functionality each domo user needs, IMHO)Β