Declaring MySQL variable in Dataflow

Is it possible to declare a global variable in MySQL Dataflow?

What I am trying to do is declare a variable in one transformation and call that variable in a different transformation


Here's an example of what I am trying to do: 


Transformation1(SQL - No Output)   


SET @testvar = 1; 


Transformation2 (Table) -

SELECT * FROM test_table WHERE some_column = @testvar


This doesn't seem to work. @testvaris just null in this case. 






  • As far as I know, variables are not supported in Domo's MySQL dataflow.


    As a possible solution could have one transform output a table that just has the value you are trying to store, and the access that table in another transform.


    That might not work as effectively as I see it in my head, as it depends a bit on your dataflow structure.