Adding Cities/Points of Interest to maps

I was wondering if there was a way to customize which cities are displayed on the maps.  My bonus question is whether we can add points of interests to the maps as well.  Thank you in advance.


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    I doubt you can do that to the default maps, but Domo has released or is releasing a custom charts feature where you can load your own map out of an SVG file.  You could create your own file and customize cities and points for sure.


  • Thanks for the info.  I have no idea what is involved with creating SVG files so it will probably move fairly far down the to-do list for whenever (if) I can get caught up on current projects.  ?


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    An svg file is another kind of vector file, like a pdf, that identifies and names bordered regions that are filled with whatever color like geogaphrical maps

    I downloaded program called Inkscape and, after feeding it an image of the product, identified and labeled the regions to match the labels in our data. 

    For one custom map, I created a product template. One of our manufacturing processes creates products that have physical regions we inspect for manufacturing defects. These different regions have high or low failure rates, and the new map, by counting defects, helps us determine which areas need improvement.

    With a click of a mouse we can filter to timeframes, batches, serial numbers even, to see where areas of concern are, which will correlated to segments of the manufacturing process that need attention.

    You could use a similar application and make your own map with your custom cities and other points of interest.

  • @AS 

    I would be curious to know how you worked on the custom SVG file. If it is possible could we connect offline and discuss?


    Yout friend in Germany.


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    Definitely.  Email me [email protected]

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