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I have X employees, in which I am trying to drill down each states employee is enrolled to some courses. So I am trying to find the percent of hw many courses an employee enrolled and how many are completed.


Please tell me how?



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    You can get a little fancier if you have the Dashboard layout beta:




  • Can you post a sample of your data set? And maybe an example of what the calculation should look like?

  • can I spilt the visulization like the picture shown above? % of no of courses Completed - Yes - Green color.

    % of courses not completed - Red color for one single manager ?

  • I'm not sure what your data set looks like, but have you tried the 100% Stacked bar graph type?



  • Data : mgr(30) in all different region where his/her team can sign up to 30 different courses. They need to find out how many completed the training, and how many not.

  • This is what I am looking for. How shall I do this ?

  • I would be happy to help you out. Can you share a sample of your data set?


    Also, does your Domo instance have access to the “design dashboard” feature?

  • No ! We dont have design dashboard feature. Do we have any alternative ?

  • There are alternatives, but it looks like this beta is getting released publicly this week.  Let's revisit this after you have access to this feature.  In the meantime, could you message me with a sample of your data set?1.png


  • I see this feature now- Design Dashboard!

    Sample of data : Three reports clubbing in which makes record of the employees in different region- America, APAC,EMEA. And I want to create a dashboard, which can be filetered by each manager who can further drill down by seeing how many empkoyees under him, which region has completed which kind of courses. region> training completed> contact them by their email address.


  • Please show me how to do this. I really like this layout. 

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