Hover Over Columns that aren't listed



Example: My data set contains the following columns:


date              weekend    count of events

18-03-2109      Yes            200


For my chart purposes, I use the dates as X axis and the counts as Y axis. What I need is that the Hover Text displays whether it's a weekend or not?


Is this possible?



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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    Tooltip fields!  Coming soon to a Domo instance near you.  (or you can contact your friendly domo success manager to be added to the beta)







  • My tooltip field always displays as a count, and will not change to be the value of the chosen dimension(no aggregate). Any idea how to fix this? 

  • What kind of chart are you creating?

  • Thanks for responding quickly, here is an image of what im currently working on.


    Annotation 2019-05-06 153509.png

  • It looks like the tool tip field needs to be an aggregate calculation.


    I can't tell what field you are dragging into it, but it looks like you are trying to drag Item to the tooltip.


    If that is the case, then you don't need to use tooltip, you can use %_CATEGORY_NAME


    However, if you want to use the tooltip, you will need to create a beastmode like


    or substitute `Item` with the field you are wanting to use.

  • Im using item_description in the tooltip field, it's not used anywhere else on the card so I had read I needed to use tooltip. It's also a text field so I don't want to use an aggregates on it - I just want the value. Does that still apply? 

  • yes, you will need to aggregate it.  There should only be one Item Description for each Item though, correct?


    In which case MAX(`Item Description`) will provide the same result.  However, if there are multiple descriptions for the same item, then you may not be able to make this work.

  • Correct! I'll go ahead and give that a try. Thanks for you help! 

  • @ST_-Superman-_ Is there a way to get a date into the tooltip? When I add the date field to the tooltip, it asks for an aggregation. 


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