Create a Project Page in Domo

Hi Everyone - 


We were hoping to utilize Domo to create a Project Overview page for each of our company's client projects. In theory we would have a section that would look similar to Domo's project pages (We currently user Trello) Then there would be another section dedicated to reporting for that particular client's project (think - Performance to budget, Sales to date, etc.). 


Unfortunately the best senario that I can come up with is to use something like Confluence to embed our Trello boards and Embed our Domo reporting. Anyone else have an easy, scalable solution that they've come up with? 


  • Something to consider is that you can embed Trello into a custom card. Using the Dev Studio, which is an Advanced Domo topic but a fairly straight forward html atmosphere, you can embed anything you want into Domo. I've seen Google docs embedded right into a page. The team uses google sheets right inside of Domo. If you use Trello you can embed it into a page then use the Trello connector to pull updates.


    Note: There will be a lag between update in Trello and when the data is pulled to Domo cards.


    If you start a new app using the dev studio, you can use the "Hello World" example and just add your iframe to index.html.