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Our team is really taking to Stories.  One thing we've found lacking is the publication of Stories to a URL.  We use publication slideshows all over and now want to be able to view Stories as they display in their pages, with multiple charts/images/cards.

Does anyone know of an in-product way to do this?  I haven't found one and have already submitted feedback.


  • Hey @AS  I'm sure this may not help, but I was curious, are you sharing publications out w/ internal staff or external folks outside of Domo user base?  I was thinking that you may could 'work around' this by just using the external people's email as social users...then schedule the page to be sent out to them.  It wouldn't of course be a URL, but it would be in a similar format to the page.

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    @NewsomSolutionsThanks for the response. These are only for internal users. We haven't invited social external users to view our data. We frequently use publications on TVs in order to avoid daily authentication, so it needs to be a URL.
  • So this solution here is going to be entirely keep that in mind.


    If internal, you could open chrome in a multiple tabs with the card you want on each tab.  Then use revolver app in chrome store to flip between the different tabs (cards).


    For the log in issue, you may be able to use something like lastpass or something to auto-fill if you get logged out on any of those tabs as it is going through.  


    Not sure that would work 100%, but it may be something to tinker with.

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    We want the whole dashboard view on one browser page, not individual cards in full browser view.  That's what we're trying to avoid.

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