How do i disable Buzz for certain user groups?

Hi All

We are trying to use DOMO in a secure environment where users should be able to see dashboards drill into it, but should not be able to use buzz, as it provides options for users to abuse privilege and data theft.  Any options or good practices will be of great help.




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    The regular interface does not provide an option to disallow Buzz for any group or user or role.  You are probably best seeking advice from your Domo rep on this one.  Maybe there are some hidden features out there.

  • I also asked for this one, but it seems that there is no way to disable buzz in the current version.

  • I'd like to keep this topic alive because our team needs this as well.

    Please give us this feature Domo!!!



  • I agree.  I'd ideally like to isolate certain users to only see other users and channels, preferably through group management.  Or just the ability to disable Buzz altogether for users in user groups.