Stacked bar chart that compares period over period

Would love to see a stacked bar chart that compares period over period:


e.g. Total Sales, broken out by territory (East/West/Central)., but compared by Q1, Q2, etc.


Helps me to see comparatives by time period.

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    The beast modes were in my first picture 


    it’s just:









  • You can accomplish this using the new category 2 field.




    Let me know if this is what you were looking for.  Or please provide some kind of sketch or screenshot if you had something else in mind.

  • Hmmm...i was hoping they would be right next to each other (like Q1 2017 vs Q1 2018, etc.)...Domo Support told me it wasn't available yet.


    But that could work for now.

  • Just swap quarter and year then:2.png


  • oops, I also switched that last chart to a grouped bar and not a stacked bar

  • This could definitely work. Let me try it...

  • DaniBoy



    I moved this out of ideas exchange to the Card Building board since it may be possible in current functionality and you will be able to give likes to the replies!

  • Ok, I tried it. I think I need to get a beast mode calculation that gives me the dates to compare - like the "quarter, or invoice year." in your chart.


    Right now, all I have is 36,000 opportunities, but they are showing the individual date of each closed opportunity (like 1/1/19, etc.). 


    Or is there another way you got the category?



  • Whoa. TIL!


    Had no idea you could do that. A newbie just learning my way around. Will try this today.

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