Accreditation Exam

After I took the exam, it says "Please click on the 'My Exam Status' button below for specific materials to study", but when I click that button, it says I haven't taken the exam yet. I can't see any results there or any specific materials for help. I don't even know which question I got wrong. Please help!


  • After I finished the exam, there was no link called "exam status" it just went back to the beginning.

    This combined with at least one typographical error on each training question and/or each training segment makes me wonder if DOMO is being upgraded faster than the documentation can keep up with.

    I will go back and study everything.Β 

    Good luck with your certification.

  • If you go to "My Courses and Learning Plans" and then click on the exam that you completed you will get to this screen:1.png



    Than you can click on the "Knowledge Test" to see a screen like this:2.png



    I would recommend searching for the training course that matches any category you missed questions in.


    Hope that helps.Β  Good luck with your certifications!

  • Where is "My Courses and Learning Plans?"

  • Go to and log in. There will be a menu icon in the top left (3 horizontal lines). Click that and you should see my courses and learning plans