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I'm very new to DOMO and can't figure out this summary number right....

I have no idea where the summary number 15.0% comes from.

If I select only one campaign_name, then summary number is correct but when selecting more than one campaign_name, the number looks really odd.

I noticed under filed&function, there is no second drop down to choose aggregation. How can I get that drop down?

Can anyone help to have a look?

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    This would be easier to explain if I could see some of the data behind the calculations.


    Can you add a total row under the chart properties?  Then add the total open and total click fields to the table.


    That should show you how the summary number is getting it's value


  • In this case, you are using a calculated field to display your summary number.  The aggregation is then happening withing that calculated field statement.  Presumably CTR / Open Rate which are also two calculated fields. 


    Would you mind sharing the code for the CTO beastmode along with what your desired summary calculation should equal given the tata shown in the image you shared?



  • I'm looking for to have CTO added up together.

    Assumed it should show 32.9%?

  • If you want to sum the individual CTO's for each campaign, I would recommend a different beastmode.


    try creating a CTO Summary field


    sum((`total_click` / `total_open`))



  • I tried your suggession but the result of CTO is not correct.

    Because each campaign has multiple rows so with your formula, each CTO is considered as an individual campaign.

    Is there a way to aggregate total_open and total_click. I tried sum(total_open) but gives the same number as total_open.

  • I think I should back up and explain what your original beastmode was doing when you used it as a summary number.  It was adding up all of clicks (for every campaign) and dividing that by the total opens (for every campaign).  This would mean that you are not getting a sum of each campaigns individual CTO, but rather an overall CTO for all campaigns.


    sum(total_click) / sum(total_open)

  • I'm looking for an overall campaign CTO. But where does the summary number come from

  • Ah ha!

    That explains everything.

    Thank you so much!

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