Sorting question, why are values of zero counted highest?



I am sorting a table of highest to lowest based on yearly sales. 


An issue I have is that sales reps with 0 sales are always sorted to the highest position. This is annoying because I am unable to place them at the bottom, even by creating beast modes.


I am not sure how to exclude them from the data set I would either like to do that or to sort them to the proper position.




  • Domo has a really hard time with null values.  It's actually not really specific to Domo - null values should be avoided whenever possible in datasets.  


    You didn't specifically say that the actual values are null, but I am making that assumption based on really common challenges encountered by all of us.  


    In your dataflow, you want to use the mapping feature on the field which contains the sales figure.  Where the value is null, you want it to populate a 0.  For good measure, you can also add the same for cases where it's a blank string.  It only takes a couple seconds and covers your bases.  


    This will also make it possible to add criteria to exclude those with 0 sales.  


  • @deefalcon - Did this solve your issue?  Been a while, but want to make sure the solution gets in if it helped you.  Thanks!