Sharepoint Connector Token Expiration

@AS- Hey There!  In my searches, I see that you have experience with the SharePoint connector.  Do you actually have to set up a new token every 2 weeks?  That doesn't seem to be very workable set-up, and I figured there must be a way to set things up so that there is more persistency.  


My colleague had reached out to support when they found that the connector would stop working every couple of weeks.  I wonder if you can provide any insights and tips on setup.  Thanks!!!


Here's the answer from Support, which was forwarded to me:  

I double checked this with our dev team there is no issue with the connector. As I mentioned previously most API's Have you authenticate using OATH, were it has you type in your login credentials at that time Microsoft creates a Token and passes that to us. We use the token to make the API calls each time your dataset runs. For security purposes, these expire. So periodically you will have to go in and re-authenticate So the Microsoft can re-check your creds and re-issue a token.

This is a requirement on the Microsoft side and is working as expected. just keep ant I out for that error and now you will know what to do.



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    Greetings @DataMaven 


    We are using the Sharepoint Online connector, and we're simply using our SSO credentials to log in using that connector.  We've actually set up with our security folks some system users whose passwords don't have regularly required updates like our personal users do.

    It took some experimenting at first to see what file paths and whatnot would finally get the connector to work, but it's been smooth sailing since then.

  • I also use the SharePoint connector and have a dataset that runs every hour that I have yet to have an issue with and it's been going for the last month without need a re-authentication so perhaps it's like @AS  said and is an O365 (assuming you're talking about SharePoint Online) admin security setting that can be adjusted

  • As it turns out, we have to use SharePoint On Premise for this work.  I've encouraged the team to get some tests rolling in O365, but we also need to figure out the On Prem.  


    Anyone using SharePoint Connector with On Prem successfully? 

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  • Sadly no SharePoint connector for me yet neither Online nor OnPrem.  Good luck!