subtracting a negative number

Could someone tell me how to write a beast mode if subtracting a negative number


ex. have a freight charge of 199.68 and want to subract a negative 95.36, the calculation is coming out to be 295.04 instead of 104.32





  • There doesn't seem to be an issue.  199.68-(-95.36)=295.04

    If you want the answer to be 104.32, you need to add the two values together.  



    I hope this helps. 


  • 199.68 - (-95.36) = 295.32 is mathematically correct


    if what you want is to subtract the absolute value of a column ... use ABS() 


    depending of your case you can do this  several different ways, depending of your need 

    Beastmode 1
    `field1` - ABS(`Field2`)

    Beastmode 2
    ABS(`field1`) - ABS(`Field2`)