IFNULL - Replace Blank with Text

I am attempting to use the IFNULL formula to say if the Data Table column "Worksite" is blank, replace the blank with the text "No Worksite Assigned."  I created a valid formula, however, the resulting chart is still blank and does not have the text.


IFNULL(`Worksite`,'No Worksite Assigned')



Any thoughts on a formula to get thisto work? Thanks!



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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
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    OK got it try this one then 


    case when LENGTH(`Worksite`) = 0 then 'No Worksite Assigned' else `Worksite` end


  • Try this 


    IFNULL(TRIM(`Worksite`),'No Worksite Assigned')

    There might be empty spaces that make the field be Not Null

  • Good thought! I applied your formula, but no luck. It still appears blank in the table without the text.  I also double-checked my report source and there are no extra spaces. Any other ideas are welcomed, I am willing to try!



  • Yes! The case statement worked. Thanks so much!