Date Selector Card - Default Value

Does anybody know if there is a way to set the default value on a Date Selector Card? 


My situation is that we have a few YOY comparison cards on the dashboard at the day grain.  Most users look at the dashboard for the previous day and also current/previous week.  If I set the card to current quarter or current year then the interactive date filter finds no data for previous dates. Showing comparison charts by day for the current year are ugly at best.  I know I could change the grain to monthly but then users would have to change the grain on each card as they view them which defeats the purpose of the interactive filtering.


Assuming I cannot set a default date/date range then would I need to create multiple cards grouped at the different date grains?  How do you handle this scenario?


Thank you.


  • Greetings, 

    Would you default range be something like last 365 days? I have a Comparision card that while set at current year, only goes back to April 2018 and forward (set for Year over Year). 

  • Any default range would be acceptable.  I have not been able to find a way to set a default value on the Date Selector card.

  • Have you tried dragging the date to the filter box and setting a default like you would other filters? Not sure if that would mess up the grain, but wanted to throw it out there.  

  • I think there is some confusion on what I am asking.  I am talking about the new Date Selector Filter type chart which is used with Domo Stories as an interactive page filter for the dashboard.  I would like this calendar to have a default date so all of the cards on the page are not defaulted to the current year.


    Thank you for the answers.

  • Ooook - you were mentioning filters for cards, so I didn't know you were talking about page filters, and specifically the new dashboard/story view.  I will take a look.  Definintely worth exploring, as we will all need that!  


    @swagner - I know you have been playing with the page filters a bunch - any suggestions?





  • If I am understanding correctly, I don't think the current functionality supports what you're trying to do.  This would be something worth putting in the Idea Exchange.  I would give it a like for sure.

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