Transform Timezone for Entire Dataset

I've been incorrectly bringing data into a dataset (appending) for months now assuming it was coming in as UTC and then Domo converting it to EST. However apparently the data was in EST the whole time and being incorrectly represented in Domo since it was being converted. I know I can add the transform to the Workbench job to correct the data going forward however I have all this past data that I need to convert. What's the best practices here?


  • Does the database that your workbench is pulling the data from still contain your historical data?Β Β 


    If so, you could run the job once as a full replace and then switch it back to an append

  • Unfortuantely it does not, if contains X most recent records that get replaced as more come in so I have a lot of stuff that doesn't exist anymore

  • cwolman
    cwolman 🟠

    I would recommend running the historical data through a dataflow and utilizing the convert timezone function to convert the field to UTC.

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