How to build fact and dimension tables?

Hello everyone,


I am new at Domo and need some help.


I built a fact and several dimension tables (Star Schema), which are my data sets. Now I  want to visualize the data, but unfortunately I can only choose one data set in a card.

Is it posible to have a Star Schema in Domo? What do I have to do?


Thank you

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  • ST_-Superman-_
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    Each card needs to have a single dataset powering it.  However, you can combine multiple source datasets and tables using a dataflow in Domo.  You would then use the output of the dataflow to generate your visualizations.


    You can choose between:

    ETL dataflows


    MySQL Dataflows


    or Datafusions


    Let me know if you need any more help after looking at those articles.  Good luck!

  • DataMaven
    DataMaven 🟢
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    It may be helpful for you to know that you may need to make a minor mind-shift with your work in Domo.  When you are working on building your ETL's, you will want to think less in terms of star schema, and more like a french braid.  


    Start with your fact table, and bring in each of your dimension tables in a line, while making any other transormations along the way.  


    Magic ETL is essentially linear.  You CAN have multiple lines going at once, but always think of the flow from input tables, through transformations, terminating in output tables.  


    If the braiding analogy doesn't work for you, perhaps think of rivers, and the streams feeding them.  


    Please let me know if that is helpful to you.  It's a significant mental shift, but once you make it, Magic ETL will be a breeze!



  • @SIL2 

    The only thing I'll add to what has already been said by @ST_-Superman-_  and @DataMaven is that I do a lot of this work before I pass data to Domo.  Sometimes you have to do it closer to the cards via the methods they mention, but if you can do those joins ahead of Domo (or in workbench via SQL) that's my first choice.  For me, the decision to join closer to the cards (in Domo via Magic ETL in particular) has to do with the dynamic nature of the dimensions.  How often will those values change?


    I've been right were you are in this process.  There are some GREAT people in the Dojo that are willing to help (you already had responses from two of the best) .

  • Awww...Thanks @swagner! My Dojo friends always make me smile!