Data Assembler

Hi Domo and Dojo Users


I am interested in some feedback about using Domo Data Assembler. 


I have looked for some documentation or examples of when and how to use it, but I haven't  had any luck.  


Any information would be great. Thanks

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  • DataJake



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    Hello @Godiepi ,


    This is currently not a documented feature. I recommend you reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they can bring in a member of our Tech Solutions team to have a working session with you to explore best practices and use.


  • Not sure if you ever got any info on Data Assembler, if your still looking for some info let me know, I have been using for about 5 months now and it is really quite amazing, especially if you happen to working with real time live data and need to grab snapshots of certain elements over time.

    Let me know if I can help



  • Hi @Randyb 


    Sounds like you are an expert on how to use the assembler.  I am tagging my co-worker Shannon @smaiolo   who would be very interested getting in contact with you about this feature.


    Thank you

  • No problem, I'd be glad to help