Week over Week Metrics - Multiple Stores to Show

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I have a use case where I am looking to build a card for week over week showing in table format a list of stores in one column and total sales in another column for the given X # of weeks.


Based on my reading, it looks like I will have to build a new transform to be able to accomplish this. Can you confirm if that is correct? If you have done this in the past without having to do a transform, please feel free to share.


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Isaiah Melendez


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  • n8isjack
    n8isjack 🟠
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    I would start with a Sumo Card, using the pivot settings.


    Stores in the row categories.

    Date in the column categories (with a date grain of weekly)

    Sales in the values section


  • In a table format, I've created a WoW usecase similar to your example below.  With lets say stores are the rows...and the Weeks are the columns.  So youd have 'Atlanta - '3 Weeks Prior', '2 Weeks Prior', '1 Week Prior', 'Current Week'....it tooks some ETL work, but all you'd need to do is use a grouping function and some date operations and you could make it work.  


    Hope that helps.





    This largely depends on what your data looks like, there is a chance you could get away with using beastmodes to do this but if the data is messy you may want to use a dataflow.

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