How do we use Domo for Asana dashboards?

I found Domo via searching through Asana forums which lead me to this page:

That example is EXACTLY the type of thing I'm looking for but can't seem to figure out how to replicate in Domo. I'm looking for a tool that will help me analyze how our company is using Asana and dashboarding multiple Asana projects together. Asana Portfolios is partway there but not quite enough for what I want to display and I was hoping Domo was the solution (or temporary solution). Thanks!


  • When you say you can't figure how to replicate, what have you done so far and have setup? Have you connected Domo to Asana? Have you pulled in the relevant data that can be used to build the visuals you imagine? 

  • Thanks @guitarhero23  - on first pass, I was able to connect Asana via the connector but I didn't find it intuitive to select the appropriate parameters (I essentially got names and ids for projects and that is it). On a second pass, I'm attempting to pull in data at the Task level - which in theory is what I want, but it has been importing for almost an hour now (oof).

  • While I don't use the Asana connector myself that does seem quite long. Do you know how many tasks exist in your system? I bet once you get it down to the task level you'll get a lot more information that you can work with. If it normally takes over an hour definitely do it on a daily basis and scheduled it early before you come in to work