Layout subject : using thumbnails pictures in cards or dashboards


I would like to know if somebody find an easy way to create card or dashboard with pictures/thumbnails instead of text (for example using android and iOS logo) ?

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  • Godiepi
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    Yes you can add images to table cards using some basic HTML code

    you will need the URL where the image is located to make it visible in the table trhough a beastmode calculation.

    Here it is an example: we are running a contest in our company just for fun with the current Women's Soccer World Cup and I built a dashboard with the scores by match, I wanted to look better by bringgin the country flags and  scores changing colors depending of who is winning. I didn't want it to look boring ?

    Screen Shot 06-11-19 at 12.16 PM 001.PNG


  • StyLe
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    This is perfect, thank you a lot !




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