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I currently have a column in my data set that is numerical called "session duration" with values ranging from 0 to 45,000 (in seconds). I want to be able to create a new column that does value mapping for values > 10 to be identified as "Greater than 10" and values < 10 to be identified as "Less than 10". Currently, I am able to do this using this formula:

WHEN `Session Duration` > 10 THEN 'GTHEN'


Now I would like to use this calculation to return the  % of total for each the count of category, so a pivot table would show me the % of total of gthen/lthen per month of the year. 


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  • guitarhero23
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    In addition to what @NewsomSolutions said, if doing it in a table or pivote table you might be able to leverage a formula like this.


    WHEN `Session Duration` > 10 THEN 1
    ELSE 0




    I'm not sure exactly what sort of "Categories" you're talking about because you don't really mention it but here's an example where we have durations stats and each row pertains to a color. The calculation shows that when the category is "Blue" the session duration is over 10 60% of the time (3/5), when the category is "Red" the session duration is over 10 40% of the time (2/5). 


    Test Dataset


    Dojo Help 1.JPG


    Dojo Help 3.JPG


  • I'm guessing you're asking how to do this?  One way you could do it is use a single bar chart, then in the data label settings use the percent of total macro to show % that is gthen and % that is lthen from the total.

  • @user16945 were you able to sort this out?

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