Beastmode calc for previous calendar month data

I am trying to create a beastmode calc for counting the number of records that occurred in the previous CALENDAR month.


In current month (July), regardless of what day I run the report in July, I want my report to display the cound of records that occurred in calendar month June. So from Jun 1st to Jun 30th. 


I have tried this beastmode script, but it only provides me the last 30 days, which is not exactly what I'm looking for if someone takes a few days to run the report. For example, if I ran the report today Jul 15th, it'd only give me from Jun 15th to Jul 15th (approx), missing the whole first half of June data. 


WHEN `ActivationCallStartTime` >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), interval 1 month) then 'Last Calendar Month'
else 'Other Date'

Instead of "interval 1 month", is there any option for "interval 1 calendar month"? 


I suppose that would be too easy. Does anyone have any other proposed suggestion on how to do this?




  • Test this and let me know if it works. I thought I'd run into a similar issue to you and have to add some more but I'm getting promising results. Only difference was I used the Month function to match the name of months.


    WHEN MONTH(`ActivationCallStartTime`) = MONTH(DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), interval 1 month)) THEN 'Last Calendar Month'
    ELSE 'Other Date'


    Here's the data I used

    Dojo Help 501.JPG


    Here is how it looks once filtered

    Dojo Help 502.JPG

  • Any updates? Did this work for your use case?