Auto refresh data in a card?

I have a daily data set of relatively small size (100 rows) that gets refreshed every minute and one of the dataset fields is the time stamp, so the data set grows everyday until I reset it by filtering the "date" data field to the next day. I have connected the data to a Domo card, but although I can see the DataSet to refresh every minute, the card that I built and connected to the data set doesn't not refresh. How can i instruct the card to refresh as soon as the connected dara refreshes?


  • Does the Data on the card update when you reload the page?

  • No it doesn’t at all. The data is there in the Database though.

  • That's odd.  Is the card built off the raw data?  Or is there a dataflow that the card uses? 1.png


  • rahul93
    rahul93 NY 🟠

    Generally, if you update the dataset, the card updates itself with the fresh data. I have also built a similar piperline where the data updates every 15 minutes. The card updates every 15 minutes to show fresh data. I wouldnt call it a refresh since the page doesnt refresh. The card just flickers and shows new data. 

    Can you put a screenshot of your card with the dataset at the bottom.